Making Strategic Progress Easy

Through centralisation of TAR Resources it enables us to create a TAR specific talent pool with all of the necessary skills for TAR work. Dependencies from competing projects can be managed in advance. Competence gap analysis of talent pool is a front end activity.

Big Data Analytics

We do the hard work by scraping the whole market to bring together all the RESOURCES ALL IN ONE PLACE

Robotic Process Automation

Big data processing made simple which ensures we have more time for SUPPORTING YOUR NEEDS

Machine Learning

Trained and automated software to continuously improve our service TOWARDS YOUR OUTCOME KPI’s

Social Manufacturing

Leveraging collaboration for solution and team development enabling a strategic shift in TAR RESOURCE

Social Networking

Using the benefits of social networking to build established teams and competence VALIDATION

Cloud Support

Cloud is the platform which enables all of the features to be securely brought together CONSISTENTLY



Organisations plan TAR activities in advance and have to rely on availability of talent when they are actually needed. TAR Central allows organisations to identify and build TAR talent teams in advance and maintain contact with automated email and SMS messages.

Talent Acquisition

TAR Central and Robocore have entered into a partnership with ZOHO Their best of breed applicant tracking system and work flow engines allow individual hiring managers to access the STP and organise their TAR talent teams.

Social Media

Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are integrated into the marketing plan for TAR Central, the applications continuously seek out talent and drive traffic to the site

Super Talent Pool

The availability of a “Super Talent Pool” is made possible using Robocore’s proprietary product GridHill. The product uses AI and machine learning to source talent and engage with them through automated tools.


Many of the time consuming processes of engagement with talent are built into the application to reduce time and cost for hiring managers, TAR Central makes it easy to engage and manage processes.


Become a member of our growing community, working together with other organisations we  align the requirements of planned Turn Around and Inspection activities.  Membership offers  complete access to teams and enables organisations to plan activities and mobilise personnel.

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Become a member of our growing community, working together with other organisations we align the requirements of planned Turn Around and Inspection activities.  Your FREE Membership offers complete access to all subscribers TAR activities so you can plan your next moves with ease..